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Today, I'm going to move away from quotes and include some idioms in this blog. I have been teaching my children idioms, in Malay and Chinese recently. Idioms are fun. They are a good way to add some color to your language, just like quotes.

The idiom that comes to my mind today is "Add Insult To Injury" or "Rub Salt To Wound" or another idiom would be "To kick a man when he is down."

Why am I thinking of these idioms? My maid went back home during mid-contract and never returned. She is considered a runaway maid. I had to make a police report and had to pay a fine at the immigration when cancelling the work permit. That is certainly "adding insult to injury". Through no fault of mine, my maid did not return to work. I had to bear the expenses of renewing her work permit, passport and buy insurance and air tickets for her and in addition to that, I was fined. Pin It
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I like to read quotes and I admire all sorts of stuff with quotes on it. While searching for Christmas Quotes, I found this delightful Christmas Tree Quote Peel & Stick Giant Wall Decal. A Wall decal is an easy way to decorate your home, especially if you are a student or bachelor. It can instantly give your room a festive look with very little effort.

This Christmas Quote is in the form of a quotes on a Christmas tree which you can stick onto your wall to decorate. Christmas Wall Decals are a really cool and fun way to decorate your home for Christmas.

The Christmas Quote reads ...

"May Lovely Happy Times Decorate Your Holidays Season, May Warm, Special Memories Brighten Your New Year, May The Wonder Of Christmas Be With You Forever."

Christmas Tree Quote Wall Decal

Here's another nice Christmas Quote in the form of a wall decal shaped like a Christmas tree. It says

"Joy, Love, Peace, Believe, Christmas"

Christmas Quote Wall Decal

"All I Want For Christmas Are Things Money Can't Buy."

Christmas Quotes Wall Decals

All I Want For Christmas Are Things Money Cant Buy - Quote Sticker Saying Decoration

"Because Someone We Love Is In Heaven.... there's a little bit of HEAVEN in our home"

Christmas Quotes

BECAUSE SOMEONE WE LOVE IS IN HEAVEN THERE'S A LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN IN OUR HOME Vinyl wall lettering stickers quotes and sayings home art decor decal

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas Quotes on these wall decals. Do you realize we are not firmly into the last quarter of the year 2012? Time flies! 

If you like these, go here for more Christmas Sayings Wall Decals.
For Christmas Gifts Shopping Ideas, visit my Squidoo Lenses below:

Christmas Gift Guide For Whole FamilyChristmas Gift Guide For Whole Family

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2012Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2012

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by Mimi Koay

When you’re feeling low
And life’s dealt you a blow
Don’t give up move on
The night will soon turn to dawn

When you don’t know what to do
And you’re feeling blue
Don’t give up keep going
This is how to continue growing

When you don’t know where to turn
And you’ve reached the point of no return
Don’t give up stay on track
There’s no point in turning back

When you feel like you want to cry
And all you can ask is why
Don’t give up it will soon be over
You will soon have some closure

When you think things are really bleak
And you can’t take anymore critique
Don’t give up hold your head up
You will rise above the snub

Don’t give up stand tall
You will rise above it all
The sun will shine again
With a stronger you after the rain

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I have had this blog for some time now. Most of the time, I like to collect and share meaningful and inspirational thoughts and quotes to share. Most of these quotes are inspiring to me at different points of my life.

Today, I have decided to take this blog one step further by designing my own quotes graphics and making up my own quotes. I shall also be writing inspirational poems. Yes, in order to reach my goals and my dreams of becoming a full time writer, I must let go of my old ways. I must learn new things in order to reach higher goals.

Today's quote is "Sometimes You Have To Let Go To Reach Higher Goals". In my quote graphic, I drew balloons in the sky. Just like balloons, you have to let go, in order to reach the skies. So just as the saying goes, you have to let go of old ways of doing things, learn new things, let go of old behaviors, learn better ones and let go of the past and look into the future in order to be successful and meet the goals you have set for yourself.

My goal is to write more inspirational poems by starting with the first step, writing inspirational quotes with a self-designed graphic. I'm loving it! I love this. I wonder why I didn't think of it before. I guess, I didn't learn to let go... till today.

Have a good day! Pin It
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I was not feeling happy last night and this morning but I decided to turn some of that negative feelings into positive energy... by writing. I wrote this quotes today. I hope you like them. It is about always believing in yourself and making sure your self image is not dented by anything anyone says. 

The above picture was taken by me when I went to i-City Shah Alam some time ago. I wrote a quote and made it into a motivational poster. This motivational poster design is available as a inspirational mouse pad on in my CafePress Shop. If you like the same design on a t-shirt or mug or bag, let me know and I will try to customize it for you.

Now, on to my quotes. 

"Sometimes what is important is not having your say but learning quietly."

"Believe in yourself even when someone else does not. That is the key to self image." 

"Even a cactus with thorns can be beautiful. It depends on what you choose to see. The thorns or the flowers."

Motivational Poster

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Gift For Moms
I've got a CafePress Shop that sells gifts for moms with funny quotes on them. I started the shop because I love Quotes and I love to write. Designing Gifts With Cute Quotes For Mothers is a hobby or an extension to my writing and quotes interest. I enjoy writing poems and quotes are even easier to write than poems because they're shorter.

T-Shirt For Moms

You can read a little bit more about why I designed each logo or quote on my Squidoo Lens here: Gifts For Moms With Quotes On Them. Every design has a story. I tell them my stories on my Squidoo lens.

Mugs For Mothers

So if you or your mom likes quotes or a friend who is a mother likes quotes, why not check out my CafePress Shop this Mother's Day? 

Happy Mother's Day to Mothers all over!

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Here's an Idea for Mother's Day Gift - Jewelry with Quotes for Mothers

What to you get for moms to show them your love? A quote would be nice. There are some lovely jewelry with quotes, some heart shaped pendants or nice bracelets with quotes to tell mom how much you love her. Here are some jewelry with quotes for mothers for this coming Mother's Day.

Heart Shaped Pendant For Mom
Heart Shaped Pendant for Mom with the following Quote for Mothers:

A Mother Holds Her Childs Hand For A Short While And Their Hearts Forever

Bracelet with Quote for Moms for Mother's Day

Bracelet with Quote for mom from daughter with the following Quote for Mothers:

The Love Between A Mother And Daughter Knows No Distance

Pendant with Quotes for Mothers
Circle with Heart Pendant for Mom with the following Quote for Mothers:

"Children and Mothers Never Truly Part-Bound in the Beating Of Each Other's Heart-Charlotte Gray"

Want more ideas on what to get for mom this Mother's Day? Go to Top 10 Gifts for Mothers

Visit my CafePress Shop for Gifts with Funny Quotes for Mom.
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Just when the catepillar thought the world was over...

It became a butterfly!

I love this quote. It basically means don't give up. It's a great pick me up quote and now I found the perfect pictures for it at

You can have this quote on your wall too with this stick and peel wall decal with quote.

Wall Decal With Quote

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I've read so many quotes I can now start writing my own. So here is one love quote just for Valentine's Day.

“Love may start quickly but love that is patient, slow and kind survives in the long run”
Just like the tortoises which I chose to represent this quote. Love that is slow is enduring like the tortoises. I like it that one tortoise appears to be protecting the other in the image. In love, we look out for each other and take care of each other when the rest of the world seems unkind. In love, it is wonderful to have a mate who will always be there for you.

Happy Valentine's Day.
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I've got some leftover Chinese Fortune Cookies from Chinese New Year. I love serving them to my guests during Chinese New Year because the 'fortune' within are usually in the form of Quotes which make a nice ice-breaker conversation with my guests. After all, most of these guests only visit once a year! Sometimes, we need to warm up a bit to get the conversation started and a fortune cookie can do that very well indeed. I usually serve my guests some lunch, so the fortune cookies also double up as a snack while waiting for my lunch to be ready...

The Chinese Fortune cookies come individually wrapped up. Very nice.

Here's how a complete Chinese Fortune Cookie looks like. It is very crisp and rather sweet.

Here's a Chinese Fortune Cookie with a quote inside. Normally you have to eat the cookie to get to the quote but this one had a gap at the side so I pulled the quote out. The quote or "fortune" is written in Chinese and English.

Today, I had two leftover Chinese Fortune Cookies. Here are the Quotes from my Chinese Fortune Cookies...

The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started 
Hmm... Well, I haven't been blogging for a long time and I feel kind of stuck so I guess I will just have to get right down to it and start.
Loving Words From the Heart Are Never Forgotten
February is the month of Love so remember to utter words of love to all your loved ones. They will always be remembered in the heart and never forgotten. Happy Valentine's Day!

Perhaps I will eat more Chinese Fortune Cookies tomorrow and reveal more quotes from my cookies on this blog.
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