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•5/15/2012 10:55:00 AM

I was not feeling happy last night and this morning but I decided to turn some of that negative feelings into positive energy... by writing. I wrote this quotes today. I hope you like them. It is about always believing in yourself and making sure your self image is not dented by anything anyone says. 

The above picture was taken by me when I went to i-City Shah Alam some time ago. I wrote a quote and made it into a motivational poster. This motivational poster design is available as a inspirational mouse pad on in my CafePress Shop. If you like the same design on a t-shirt or mug or bag, let me know and I will try to customize it for you.

Now, on to my quotes. 

"Sometimes what is important is not having your say but learning quietly."

"Believe in yourself even when someone else does not. That is the key to self image." 

"Even a cactus with thorns can be beautiful. It depends on what you choose to see. The thorns or the flowers."

Motivational Poster

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