Author: Mumsgather
•6/14/2012 05:07:00 PM

by Mimi Koay

When you’re feeling low
And life’s dealt you a blow
Don’t give up move on
The night will soon turn to dawn

When you don’t know what to do
And you’re feeling blue
Don’t give up keep going
This is how to continue growing

When you don’t know where to turn
And you’ve reached the point of no return
Don’t give up stay on track
There’s no point in turning back

When you feel like you want to cry
And all you can ask is why
Don’t give up it will soon be over
You will soon have some closure

When you think things are really bleak
And you can’t take anymore critique
Don’t give up hold your head up
You will rise above the snub

Don’t give up stand tall
You will rise above it all
The sun will shine again
With a stronger you after the rain

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