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•8/01/2013 08:35:00 AM
I like to write all sorts of things. Inspirational quotes, non-fiction parenting books, poems, children's stories. Sometimes when I listen to nice instrumental music, I like to think of the lyrics that could go with it. Yes, I like to write lyrics to a song too. Here's one.

If You'll Just Get To Know Me

I'm a wallflower
At the corner of the room
Everytime you walk by
You never notice me

Because wallflowers don't talk
They are silent, quiet as can be
Because wallflowers don't talk
They stay unnoticed in the corner of the room

Oh baby
But if you'll just get to know me
You'll know
There's a song in my heart
Just waiting to be sung
There's a story in my head
Just waiting to be told
There's a poem in my mind
Just bursting from within
All the things I never said
They're all inside my head

Repeat Chorus:

If you'll just get to know me
You'll know the wallflower is no wallflower at all

This song in my head is dedicated to all the wallflowers in the world. Sing it to any tune you like. :)

Feel free to use the lyrics or the image below but remember to be nice and link back. :)

I am a wallflower

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