Author: Mumsgather
•7/31/2013 09:20:00 AM
Sometimes life gets you down. Sometimes it throws you more lemons than you can catch. If you have been down that path before, you will know what I mean. Don't let yourself feel down. Just remember, that the more difficulties you have to go through in life, the stronger you get.

Here is a little poem I wrote to keep hanging on when times are tough. Don't give up. Be strong.

Because I Have

Because I have felt pain
Now I can go through the rain
Because I have shed tears
Now everything is clear

Because I have walked alone
Now I know I can make it on my own
Because I have been afraid
Now I won't be easily swayed

Each knock makes me stronger
Now I can last much longer
On the path that is sometimes tiring
It is not hard to find something inspiring

To keep me going on....
To keep me forever strong.

Feel free to share the poem or the image below but remember to link back. Thank you.

Poem To Keep Hanging On

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