Author: Mumsgather
•5/10/2013 07:44:00 AM
Patience Is Doing Something Else While Waiting. How very true. I have two kids who take the longest time to finish their meals. Now, my ironing station is right beside the dining table. I have lots of ironing to do. So, these days, whenever I finish my meal, I would head over to the ironing board to press out some clothing.

In this way, I don't have to nag at the kids to finish their food. I can chat with them as they are eating and by the time is done, so are some of my clothes. I do this at mealtimes during lunch and dinner so I won't feel overwhelmed by all the ironing I have to do. It is spread out and at the same time, I am more patient with the kids over their tardiness during meals. :P

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