Author: Mumsgather
•5/17/2013 11:38:00 AM
Woman Pulling Hair Cartoon
Have you ever had that "Aaarrrrgh" moment? The moment that makes you want to pull your hair and stomp your feet and go to the top of the mountain and scream and shout? Well, if you have, then do it. Why not? If you keep it all bottled up, you may feel worse.

Sometimes it feels good to have a good release, a good hair pulling, feet stamping, shouting moment. You will feel much better afterwards. It is much better than keeping it all bottled inside.

However, do remember not to say unkind words in a moment of anger because words cuts like a knife and once it is said, it can never be taken back. So pull your hair and stomp your feet if you want but think twice before saying anything in anger.

Quote: The Things You Say In Anger Does Not Come With A Return Policy ~ Author unknown

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