Author: Mumsgather
•5/17/2015 09:00:00 AM
There is a lot of bullying going on in schools these days. My kids often come across classmates who take their stuff, ask them to do things, spread rumours and are generally not nice. I wonder why there are more and more kids behaving like that these days. Parents no time to teach? Sometimes, I think parents forget that they are their child's main educator and they are so busy earning a living to make a better life for the family, they forget this important role and leave it all to the teachers. Teachers can only do so much especially when they are teaching a big class.

Anyway, one day, a classmate asked my boy to carry his bag up the flight of stairs to their classroom as he usually does. My boy who usually does not mind  helping him was tired of being asked over and over again and finally one day he said this to the other boy.

"Kindness Is By Choice, Not By Force."

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