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•8/01/2011 03:10:00 PM

Do you like my motivational poster? I created it from this website called Clip Your Photos. There are many Make Your Own Poster sites. I like this one because it is simple to use and does not require me to register. I am quite often lazy to register even for free because it will leave a trail of my email information all over the web for services which I may only use occasionally.

You can customize your Motivational Poster by putting in your own words as I did. You can choose the color and font type. Some Make your own motivational poster sites allow you to print your own customized motivational poster after you're done.

I just like to paste mine on my own blog because my digital camera isn't all that great and my image is a bit blur as you can see. It wouldn't make a nice motivational poster for hanging on the wall in my home though it looks lovely here on my blog and I do feel quite proud about it. Proud about selecting the right photo and proud about adding in the right words even if the words may sound a little bit cliched. I think the saying and the image is perfect. It looks great. Accept for the slightly blurry image. I have got a sharper image result in some other Create your own Motivational Poster sites but perhaps my picture is not clear enough to begin with.

There may be other Create Your Own Motivational Poster websites which offer much more customization and better photo results, but for me, this basic and simple one will do because I don't want to print it. I just want something quick and easy that will generate a code for me to copy and paste on my blog.

Now about my quote:

There is beauty all around, all you need to do is look.

Although my picture is that of a scenery, in this case, man-made and not nature. I usually like to associate quotes and sayings with peaceful pictures of nature scenes. This picture is the one I took when I visited i-City, Shah Alam, Malaysia. There can be beauty in things that are man-made too.

Similarly, I think this quote applies to people too. There are all sorts of people in this world. Some are quiet. Some are loud and aggressive but if you look harder and closer, you may sometimes find a warm core or center in these personalities. 

The saying "Never Judge a Book by Its Cover" comes to mind. Sometimes people behave in certain ways to mask or hide their own insecurities and fears but if you look harder and get to know the person more, you may just find that there is beauty in the person. All you need to do is look.

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