Author: Mumsgather
•7/18/2011 07:38:00 AM

The other day I asked my kids, what is a friend? Here is what they said. I asked them to complete this sentence.

"A friend is someone who..........."

The 7 year old boy said:

A friend is someone who will pull you up, when you fall down.

The 9 year old girl said:

A friend is someone who will always laugh and chit chat with you.

That is very true isn't it? I don't think the boy meant to say it as a quote. He meant it literally, ie. when you fall down, your friend will pull you up but that is very true. A friend will always be there for you, to laugh at your silly jokes, be your companion and someone you can talk to and be there to pick you up when you fall. Friendship bracelets make the perfect gift for a dear friend.

Anyone, who has children should do this exercise. Ask them what they think a friend is. Next, I will ask my kids what they think love is. :)

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